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Estes Park Hotel

The Blue Door Inn Story


Completely upgraded in 2022 the Blue Door Inn brings some new mojo to Estes Park. You dont have to pay an arm and a leg for Rocky Mountain National Park lodging. We bring all this to you as a team, a team that truly cares about the experience you have when you stay with us; a team that truly cares about our employees; a team that takes pride in all we do.

As Estes Parks established Independent motel we are proud to offer you 10 different room types. From cozy single queen rooms with great views to a sprawling King Suite we have a room that will suit any need. We have a total of 49 rooms, 24 on the first floor and 25 on the second. Most of our motel rooms have the views Rocky Mountain National Park is known for.

Our philosophy is very simple: Keep our rates as low as possible while providing service, comfort and amenities that truly make for an enjoyable stay. We arent fancy, were not sophisticated and we certainly arent corporate. Were more like a big family inviting you to come share Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park with us in lodging we think is very special.

We are not a franchise, which means we dont have to pay exorbitant fees. We dont spend money on marketing either. We rely on word of mouth advertising. This allows us to offer you more while charging you less. Lodging in the Rocky Mountain National Park area is seasonally expensive because we only generate income during our summer months. When you stay with us, however, you will find that our rates are always less than any of the national chains (franchises) of motels and hotels in Estes Park. We have a cost advantage and we pass the savings along to you.

What is The Blue Door Inn "Mojo"?

Delivering a "Step Beyond Ordinary" experience

We fix problems

We start by fixing everything we can think of and then spend the rest of our time taking care of any issues our considerate guests pass our way. We respond to you! We ask for help from our guests so that we can always maintain a motel in Estes Park that is "Steps Beyond Ordinary".
We know that we cant get everything right all the time so we go overboard on resolving issues if and when they arise.

We Inspect what we Expect

Most people are amazed when they find out that we inspect every room, every day, AFTER it has been cleaned by our attentive housekeeping staff. We call it the 4 eyes rule; every day, 4 eyes in every room to make sure youre getting the rooms we have a reputation for.

The Invitation

Our Team lead by Elizabeth and Adam invite you to come be a part of the Blue Door Inn experience the next time you choose lodging in Estes Park. Let us show you how much we care about making your visit special.
You are always welcome to call me. I answer or I call back.


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